Refuge Recovery Campus Construction Update

Work Has Begun on Women's Recovery Center!

UPDATE: October 2021

We thought you would like to know that construction work is now underway at the Mission's Refuge location (575 N. 39th W. Ave.). Work commenced in early October on the Women's Recovery Center (to be named the John 3:16 Mission Hardesty Renew Building) and is expected to take several months. Soon, work also will begin on renovating the existing former school building (about 40,000 square feet) for the Men's Recovery Center.
Following that, the Mission will construct a work training/administrative center and a distribution /donations processing building. These are elements of the Mission’s $8.3 million Restore Capital Campaign which you contributed to. 

When completed, up to 30 women and 80 men will be able to participate in life changing residential programs designed to get people off the streets forever so they can lead healthy, productive lives in our community!

Below is a rendering of the future Refuge Campus. The Hardesty Women’s Renew Center is top left, the Men’s Center is the middle building, the Work Training/Admin building is center right, and, far right, is the donations Distribution building.

Refuge Campus
Womens Center Refuge

You Make the Difference!

It has only been through YOUR generous contributions and those of many other likeminded people that made this moment possible. We look forward to sharing with you the ongoing construction progressJohn 3:16 Mission completed its $8.3 million RESTORE Capital Campaign in the Spring of 2021. 
Above is a rendering of the future Hardesty Renew Building (Women's Recovery Center) currently under construction. Click HERE to see a Fox23 story about the project.

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