Summer KIDS Camp 21

Help at the Right Time!

For most kids, last year was a lost year – especially when it came to things like reading, writing and other basics. For the students who already were struggling to get through school, missing nearly a year of classroom instruction has been devastating.


There is a very real danger that many schoolchildren will never catch up and may become the long-term – even lifelong -- victims of the pandemic . It does not have to be this way.

 John 3:16 Mission has exactly the right program for them. It’s called SUMMER KIDS CAMP (SKC) and it’s just what these struggling youngsters need, especially at this time.

 SKC (to be held June 14 – Aug. 7) will allow up to 100 children to get the supplemental literacy enrichment they need to get back on track. Yes, even after missing nearly a year of in-class schooling, they CAN still catch up at John 3:16 Mission.

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Great Results for Over 20 Years

For over 20 years, SKC has delivered incredible results for youngsters struggling with reading. How do we know? Testing. In fact, testing at the beginning and end of the 8-week program last year showed students improved, on average, more than an entire grade year in reading. The five-year average for the program shows students improving more than THREE QUARTERS of a school year!

This kind of life changing impact would not be possible without your support! You are the one who makes it possible for reading-challenged, low-income children to get the help they deserve in a supportive and Christ-centered environment.

YOU CAN STILL HELP A CHILD IMPROVE HIS/HER LITERACY BY DONATING TO THIS PROGRAM. Please click the Donate button above and in the "Direct My Donation to" box, select  Summer KId's Camp. Thank you!

Program Goals Change Lives

The program utilizes a successful curriculum which is phonics based, taught by direct instruction, and utilizes the creative process to engage a path to learning.  Summer KIDS Camp is eight weeks in duration and the program includes meals, snacks, and reward field trips to promote positive progress.
Goals for the students are:
1.  Rapid improvement in reading and spelling skills so each student may be able to
     reach their respective grade level and beyond.
2.  Corresponding improvement in reading comprehension.
3.  Character development lessons to better equip each child with a sound moral and
     ethical foundation.
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