Gifts in Kind

In Kind Gifts You Can Give


  • Vehicles in working condition (no major repairs needed)
  • New and gently used clothing (no used socks or underwear, only new)
  • Furniture & Household appliances in good shape and working condition
  • Toiletries
  • Electronic equipment in working condition
  • You will receive a receipt for tax purposes for your in-kind giving. No actual dollar value is assigned for gift-in-kind donations, you will determine this with your tax professional.

The Mission requires that any used, donated items be in good condition and working order. The Mission cannot accept vehicles, machinery, appliances or electronics that are broken.
The Mission also cannot accept used mattresses or used undergarments of any kind. The Mission is unable to accept large musical instruments such as pianos (except in special cases).

If you have any questions about donating items, please call 918-587-1186.