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Transforming Lives Since 1952

From comprehensive recovery programs to daily meal services and safe shelter, John 3:16 Mission offers a wide range of ministry programs that make a significant impact in the lives of the hungry, homeless and at-risk of our Tulsa community.


John 3:16 Mission plays a key role in Tulsa when it comes to helping the homeless turn their lives around with programs that lead to stability, sobriety, employment and housing.

Additionally, the Mission is committed to strengthening communities in need by providing substantial support to at-risk families and children through its Family and Youth Center programming.

John 3:16 Mission fervently believes that change is not just an outward process of meeting only immediate needs, but also an inward transformation of the heart. This change takes place when a person recognizes his or her need for a Christ-centered reformation of their lives. The Mission helps to guide a person on this journey while -- in partnership with generous donors -- meeting their practical and immediate needs for meals, shelter, security and support.

Every homeless or at-risk person in need, regardless of their background or problems, is welcome to come to the Mission for assistance.

*Outside of someone endangering themselves or others, no one is turned away.


John 316 Shelter
John 316 Mission

The Road to Restoration

It isn't enough to simply provide meals and shelter -- as absolutely vital as they are. The homeless face all kinds of problems ranging from trauma and abuse to mental health and various addictions. Many of them feel trapped by their past and can't see how to get out of their situations. Others have given up.

The goal of our programs is to show them that they are, indeed, loved and cared for -- not just by us -- but by the Tulsa community.

That is why your gifts to John 3:16 Mission are so powerful. They say, "I care about you. I want the best for you." 
When somone knows they are authentically cared for, when they see there is a way out, they often are ready to take a step on the journey to recovery from homelessness. Our year-long recovery programs for homeless men and women help transform students from people who are stuck in destructive addictions and lifestyles into people who are “new creations” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

John 3:16 Mission -- Hope for Homeless, Lost and At-Risk


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