Feeding Tulsa's Hungry & Homeless

Homeless? Need a Meal? Come to John 3:16 Mission

Imagine not knowing where your next meal is coming from. That’s what hundreds of people on Tulsa’s streets face every day.

If you are hungry, homeless or at-risk, you can come to John 3:16 Mission for a meal. Meals are served every day beginning at 5:45 p.m. at 506 N. Cheyenne Ave. in downtown Tulsa. Overnight guests are fed a breakfast before departing in the morning.
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Meals Served Nightly at Mission Shelter

The homeless men, women and children who come to John 3:16 Mission each day depend on the meals they receive here.  Additionally, the Mission also provides supplemental groceries to under-resourced families that are not homeless but who struggle to put food on the table

Since its founding in 1952, hunger relief has been a core ministry of John 3:16 Mission. The Mission currently serves about 330 meals per day, and over 117,000 meals per year. Through its Family & Youth Center, the Mission distributes as many as 7,000 food baskets annually. Each basket contains enough to feed a family of four for 1 week.

Nearly 120,000 Meals Served Annually

Hunger, or food insecurity, remains a significant problem in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma.

The USDA ranks Oklahoma as the 4th most food insecure state in the nation, meaning about 17% of its residents do not know where or when their next meal is coming.

The problem is particularly acute in low-income communities where even fewer affordable grocery outlets exist.
The Mission fills this vital hunger gap for the homeless and many of Tulsa’s most low-income residents.
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