Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue Seeks Hidden Communities

There are some people who don’t know what to do when they become homeless. They find the best shelter they can, perhaps under a bridge or in a brushy area. Other homeless people set up camps in various areas, often hidden.

On any given night, as many 1,000 homeless people use shelters, while dozens, or even hundreds more, sleep outside in makeshift camps.

John 3:16 Mission reaches out to these people through its Search & Rescue Program. Several times a week, trained Mission staff search out areas where homeless people may be living.


helping homeless in Tulsa
Rescuing Homeless

Reaching Out, Reaching In

Our goal is to check on the welfare of the homeless who are living outside and encourage them to come to the Mission for care and recovery.

Search and Rescue operations have resulted in many homeless men and women coming to the Mission for assistance. Some have successfully completed our recovery programs.

If you know of a “hidden” homeless encampment, please consider letting us know where the location is. Call us at  918-587-1186.