Shelter from the Storm

Provide Shelter from the Storm

Click here to help now. Just $2.11 provides a hearty meal and vital care for a homeless person this winter. 

No one hopes to become homeless. No one in our Tulsa community dreams about living under an overpass. But when the storms of life come, hopes and dreams can fall apart ...
Take Derrick and his wife. They weren’t wealthy, but they got by. Their home was modest, and his job kept food on the table. Most important, they had each other.
Then, his wife passed away from a heart attack.
They’d been married for almost 30 years. Derrick’s own heart was shattered. Very soon he lost his job, and not long after, his home. For a while he lived in his car, but it broke down. With nothing left, he spent a year on the streets, enduring summer heat and winter cold, hunger and illness, and constant despair ... until he walked through our doors:

“I only came to the Mission for a jacket, but I felt like I should stay. Thank God I did. They didn’t just meet my needs, they helped me work through my grief, grow closer to the Lord, and pick myself up again.”

But when the storms of life come — whether they’re tough times or global disasters like COVID-19 — people come to John 3:16 Mission because they have no other options. And right now, there is a surge of men, women, and children looking for warmth, hope, and shelter from the battles they’re facing. Many have never been struggling and homeless before.
Today, I pray you will continue showing kindness towards your struggling neighbors. Because there’s no doubt that this is the time of year they need you most.
Please make your next generous gift right away — and if possible, please give in February to be a part of our Shelter from the Storm Winter 2021 Fund.
Thank you in advance for giving homeless and hurting people shelter from whatever storms they face this winter.

Rev. Steve Whitaker
President & CEO

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