How Your Gifts Transform Lives -- Stories of Hope

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Graduation Spring 21

Restored to New Life

Recovering from homelessness is hard, but with your help, they succeeded!

Graduation Spring 21
14 Jun 2021
Baptism at John 316 Mission

Raised with Christ

Large group of Mission clients chooses to be baptized.

Baptism 21
14 Jun 2021
Something To Live For

Something To Live For

Rhonda, accustomed to trusting no one, quickly recognized the Mission was ready to give her the support she needed.

Something To Live For
11 Nov 2020
Volunteers Feed Hungry Tulsans

Sharing Christ’s Love

Despite the current COVID-19 outbreak, John 3:16 Mission is still welcoming volunteers (as of press time). In fact, volunteers are needed now more than ever!

Volunteer Gets Family In on Action
10 Nov 2020
Addiction Recovery

Road to Redemption

“I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who gave to the Mission. It helped to save me!”

Road to Redemption
06 Nov 2020
Hope for the Homeless

Become a Sustainer Hero

Hope is the one thing that can bring people through the most dire circumstances.  Is it time for you to become a sustainer hero?

What is a Hope Partner?
01 Nov 2020
Addiction Recovery in Tulsa

When Grace Breaks Through

What do you do when someone seems bent on self-destruction and taking everyone down with him? That’s the question many families have had to face, including Nate’s.

When Grace Breaks Through
28 Oct 2020
Homeless Workforce Re-entry

Promoting Dignity in Work

A vital part of recovery from homelessness is being prepared to work and become a productive citizen capable of living independently. 

Dignity of Work
28 Oct 2020
Homeless Success Tulsa

Finding Hope Again

The stranger led him to the Mission’s doors and then disappeared.  “I never saw him again, but to me, he was an angel. He changed my life by showing me to the Mission.”

Homeless Success Kevin
22 Oct 2020
From Hard Times to Hope

From Hard Times to Hope

“Being here has transformed my life,” Alan says. “If you read the Bible and let God in, I promise he will show you things. God will give you what you need! I know He has for me and I can’t thank Him enough!”

From Hard Times to Hope
21 Oct 2020
Street Feeding Homeless

STOP! Don’t Feed the Homeless!

The unfortunate truth is that excess feeding on the streets enables people to continue harmful lifestyles instead of making beneficial, if difficult, changes.

Street Feeding Homeless
30 Sep 2020
Food Security for Families

Food Choice for Families at FYC!

All the food is donated from Mission supporters, local stores and some comes from the Food Bank. No one is charged to shop the store, but they may only come once a month.

Food Choice for Families
15 Sep 2020
Homeless donations

Saved from Tulsa’s Streets!

One of the most frequent questions we get here at John 3:16 Mission is: How are my donations making a difference?

Saved from Tulsa Streets
12 Jun 2020
Refuge Farm Helps Feed Homeless

Refuge Farm Helps Feed Homeless

Did you know your gifts are helping homeless men and women develop valuable skills, behaviors and attitudes to become independent, self-sustaining and employable?

Refuge Farm Helps Feed Homeless
28 Apr 2020