A Joyous Banquet for the Homeless and Hungry

Thank You for Feeding Them

““Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.” Luke 14:15

Jesus invites all to His banquet table, but especially those who are hungry, hurting, and homeless. That is especially apparent this season, as more homeless guests have been coming to the Mission than ever before.
We know times are tough with prices higher for everything, but that has not stopped YOU from continuing to give so that others may eat and have warm, safe shelter.
 Every year, it is the Mission’s great pleasure to hold a Thanksgiving Banquet for Tulsa’s hungry and homeless men, women and families who wish to come.
In fact, it is the Mission’s great privilege to carry out the commandments of scripture to minister to those in need every day of the year, not just on holidays.

Thank you for continuing to be the blessing God has sent to help the hungry and the homeless of Tulsa!


Food at John 3

Thousands Served, Fed

This Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, more than 13,806 people received the meals and care they desperately needed -- thanks to people like you! Over 3,139 struggling families received holiday food baskets to help feed their families.