Promoting Dignity in Work

Being Prepared to Work

Work allows us to contribute to society, exercise our talents and support ourselves and our families.

A vital part of recovery from homelessness is being prepared to work and become a productive citizen capable of living independently. That is why John 3:16 Mission offers a Vocational/Work Training and Readiness program to the men and women in its care.

“We see work through a spiritual lens,” says Megan Thomson, who oversees the work readiness program. “God created us to work and, in fact, the work we do is one of the ways we worship Him.”

Twice weekly, students in the more advanced stages of recovery attend classes that prepare them in a number of ways to re-enter the workforce. Most haven’t worked in months or even years. Their skills have waned and finding a job that fits can be challenging.

“We really try to equip them with the knowledge it takes to get a job,” Thomson says. “Many have experience but they need assistance when it comes to being successful in the job market.”
Workforce Training

Gateway to a Productive Life

John 3:16 Mission helps by:
  • Teaching how to prepare a successful resume or application
  • Job interview skills
  • The importance of networking
  • Having a positive online/social media presence
  • Attending job fairs
  • Job readiness skills including work ethic and conflict resolution
  • Participation the Beeloved Trading Social Enterprise program (preparing honey/beeswax based products and making T-shirts,
The program brings in local experts as guest teachers to give tips on how to get a good job or start a career.

“When we work, God wants us to be good workers,” Thomson says. “In the beginning, he gave us a garden to tend and today He still expects us to do good work. This program is really a gateway to a productive, self-supporting lifestyle.”