Finding Hope & Honor

Megan Walks Honor Road

A little over two years ago, Megan found her way to John 3:16 Mission’s Refresh room (for homeless and at-risk women) for the annual Christmas Party. Megan was a survivor of several abusive relationships and brief periods of homelessness.
Shortly after moving to Tulsa, she suffered the loss of one of her best friends through suicide. Being broken hearted and a newcomer to the area, the Refresh program became a place where she could spend her time learning more about God and gaining a loving community.

“I came for the Christmas Party but I stayed for the love.”

In her first year, Megan became one of the most active participants of the Refresh Program. She volunteered to organize and manage the emergency clothing closet which serves women who visit the day room. Her quiet spirit and soft heart made a big impression on everyone around her.
Eventually, the Mission initiated a new program for ladies exhibiting leadership potential. Megan was an easy choice for the new program. In fact, at a student council meeting she suggested the name “Honor Road.” The name stuck.
Woman success

Starting Honor Road

“Honor Road is an offshoot of our Refresh Program for ladies who are ready for a greater level of accountability and discipleship,” says Kim Sullivan, Women’s Day Program Coordinator. The program is a year-long and includes weekly meetings with a discipleship coach and a curriculum that prepares participants with classes teaching life skills, recovery, work/volunteer life, and spiritual foundations. The group meets twice a week.    
On Feb. 10, 2022, rows of chairs lined the packed room for the first Honor Road graduation. Over 40 people came to support Megan and to congratulate her on her achievement. There were pastors, fellow students, and John 3:16 volunteers and staff in attendance. Overcoming her fears, Megan stood before the crowd to share what had happened in her life since coming into John 3:16 Mission’s doors.

Building Faith and Giving Back

“I rely on God and trust Him more than ever. I find that I communicate with my Good Father more than I used to. Now, I can look people in the eye. I’ve stopped chasing men and I’m able to have a relationship with the Main Man (God). I’ve quit seeking acceptance in other non-healthy relationships. Throughout this experience, I’ve had a ton of support and you have all meant the world to me.”
Already, Megan is volunteering and giving back to the mission. She helps sort donations at the warehouse.
“Megan always puts her whole heart into everything I ask her to do. You can tell she strives to do her best,” says Lori Carpenter who works at the John 3:16 Distribution Center.
Since beginning the program, Megan has moved to a more accessible neighborhood, purchased a car, and began attending Church on the Move where you can see her smiling behind the coffee counter serving coffee before service. In September, Megan will be a facilitator for one of the Honor Road classes. Megan says, “I think it’s important for me to come back and teach a class because I am able to relate to where the ladies are coming from and by the grace of God I can lead by example.”