The Power of God in that Place

The people really cared about me

For years, Stephen had been on a long road to nowhere. Actually, that road had already led him to drug dependency, run-ins with the law and sleeping on park benches.

“Basically, I was just walking the streets, doing enough day job work to support my habit,” he admits.

One day, hungry and looking for shelter, he walked into John 3:16 Mission.

“I wasn’t coming here to find God, I came here because I didn’t have a choice.
I was on the streets and didn’t have anywhere to go.”

But something unexpected happened shortly after he arrived.

“The power of God in that place, it basically just overwhelmed me,” he recalls. “I could feel the Holy Spirit…I felt safe and that people really did care about me.”

That was the beginning of change. It wasn’t easy. But at the Mission, Stephen found the comprehensive program and support he needed. Most importantly, he cultivated a deep relationship with Christ in which he discovered grace and forgiveness.

Stephen is now graduating the program and already has a well-paying, full-time job and a place of his own.

“I just want to say ‘Thank you!’ to everyone who gave to the Mission. It helped to save me!”