Something To Live For

Rhonda's Story

It is hard to convey the impact YOU make on people’s lives when you support John 3:16 Mission. In 2018, the Mission opened a residential recovery program for homeless women.

That program (called RENEW), bore fruit when two women officially graduated. Today, Katy and Rhonda are living renewed lives of purpose, integrity and hope. 

Both are employed, have a place to call home and are grateful to YOU for your help!

Homeless Recovery Rhonda
For Katy, escaping homelessness meant overcoming deep depression that nearly led her to suicide. For Rhonda, it meant overcoming a crippling alcohol addiction. For both, it meant discovering new meaning and joy in life.

“I chose alcohol over family and friends and it led to homelessness,” Rhonda admits.

Katy, despairing over her life as a homeless woman, was on the verge of taking her own life.
“I was about to go through with it, but something stopped me,” she recalls.

Both women heard about John 3:16 Mission’s new program for homeless women and hoped it might help them. In fact, for Katy, the promise of a good meal drew her in.  “I heard the lunch was really good, so I came and then I stayed for the Bible study,” she recalls.

Rhonda, accustomed to trusting no one, quickly recognized the Mission was ready to give her the support she needed.
“I wanted what they had because they took whoever it was with open arms and there was no judgment,” she says.

The process of recovery was challenging but rewarding and both women learned a lot about themselves in the program.

“Being at the Mission really helped me clarify my values and now I have aspirations for the future again,” Katy says. “This program has changed my life. Now I have a strong sense of purpose!”

“I couldn’t have done it without the Lord,” Rhonda explains. “Trust God. That was the greatest thing I learned. It was all God!”
Thank you for helping to transform and RENEW these women!