Spare Change Changes Lives

Helping People in Need

What does a penny, nickel or dime dropped on the ground amount to? Well, if collect enough of them, it can lead to meals and shelter for the homeless. Just ask Chip Reynolds.

As Reynolds rides his bike around the streets and parking lots of Tulsa, he’s careful to scan the ground for spare change dropped by busy shoppers.

“You’d be surprised how much people drop and don’t pick up,” he comments.

Reynolds collected two large plastic jars filled with change he’s picked up off the streets and donated it to the Mission last month.
“I’m just glad that money will be used to help people in need. I want it to go for the glory of the Lord.”
Donate for Homeless
Reynolds says he intends to continue hunting for change as he gets his exercise and sometimes takes his granddaughter with him.

“It’s really a lot of fun!”