Intern Makes Huge Impact in Young Lives

Summer Intern Gives Back to Program

Monique has one of the biggest, brightest smiles you’ll ever see. And she has good reason for her big grin, too.
As an intern in the Mission’s Summer KIDS Camp literacy program for children grades K-4, she is helping to change many young lives for the better.

“I can’t stop smiling because I’m just so happy to be here working with these kids at the Mission,” she says. “I believe it’s going to make a big difference in their lives.”

Monique knows what she’s talking about. The Mission’s programs – thanks to donors like you -- made a big difference in her own life and that of her family.


Mission Intern Helps

J3 Helped Her Family

You see, Monique is the second youngest of 8 siblings who began coming to the Mission years ago to get help for their family. Along the way, they received food, clothing, and even a donated vehicle. They also participated in many of the Mission’s programs for children and youths, including the summer literacy camp.
Those programs changed the course of her life.
“Without a doubt the Mission helped me become who I am today,” she says. “It taught me about good character, about giving back and staying strong in my faith.”
That’s the impact that you make when you support the Mission!
Now 19, Monique herself once was a student in the literacy program and is thrilled to help the children improve their reading skills develop good character traits.
“It’s great to see them growing and improving,” she says. “The Mission did so much for me and my family and it’s great to be able to give something back.
“I’m so thankful!”