Discovering New Hope

Graduates Complete Program

On April 30, 2022, nine men and women completed John 3:16 Mission's recovery programs for homeless and/or at-risk men and women. The ceremony was the culmination of a year's hard work by each of the graduates. Along they way, they found the practical tools and inner, spiritual resources to overcome the roadblocks and traumas that had for too long damaged their lives.

At John 3:16 Mission, they found the greatest resource and power of all -- the redeeming love of Jesus who showed them that they are valuable, strong, and both loving and lovable people, worthy of good lives and fulfilled dreams. And that is what makes all the difference.

They celebrated to a packed house at the Mission in downtown Tulsa, filled with family, friends, and staff who had walked with them on their journeys. There were tears, laughter, joy and excitement as these folks began a new stage of life -- this time with real hope! Please join us in congratulating Williams, Tommy, Chasity, Ryan, Releisha, Michael, Troy, Johnny and Robert. Pray they will continue on their successful paths to fully realized humans walking in God's ways and love.
Graduates J3 2022 April

You Help Make Recovery Happen

For homeless men and women, recovery is the route out of lives of chaos, pain, addiction and hopelessness. Too often, men and women get caught in a hard-to-break cycle of being on the streets or in the grips of an addiction. The path to recovery is rarely straightforward or easy. It takes patience, hard work, and, above all, lots of love.
At the Mission, we are dedicated to comprehensive, Christ-centered programs that give people the REAL chance to escape homelessness and addiction for good.

And YOU are at the heart of those efforts.

Every donation you make, whether financial or in-kind, helps advance the goal of transforming lives in Tulsa. It means people experiencing freedom -- freedom from hunger, fear, violence, addiction and other social and personal ills. 
The recovery programs are at the heart of this transformation. Over the decades, our programs have been developed and refined to combine the best spiritual care with effective clincial practices and counseling. It's not easy. It never is. But the programs get results when a heart is ready and prepared to change. 
We thank you for your incredible compassion and willingness to bring hope and healing to people. It is because of you that John 3:16 Mission can do the life restoring work it does every day.