Forever Grateful to You!

Man Finds New Start at Mission

“Me? Living in a homeless shelter? No way! I’ve got it together. I’m successful. I’ve done all the right things. It could never happen to me.”

Most of us probably think this. Wade sure did. For years it appeared he was living the ‘American Dream’ with a great business career, wife, and family.
But work stress and marital pressures took a heavy toll on him, and he turned to alcohol.
“I was getting drunk every day and I threw away a very large company that I owned,” he said. “My life was being destroyed around me and I was the one doing it.”
Wade succeeds

"I Wouldn't Be Alive"

Wade ended up living in his camper van before he found his way to John 3:16 Mission. Once here, he renewed his relationship with Christ and fully committed himself to recovery in the Mission’s New Creation program.
This month (October 2022), Wade graduates from the program and already he has excellent employment and a place to live. It’s true Wade never imagined he would end up in a homeless shelter recovery program, but there is one thing he knows with absolute certainty:
“Without John 3:16 Mission in my life, I wouldn’t be alive. That was the path that I was on.”
Wade is grateful to God and to you for saving him from that fate.

“You’ve given me the strength and courage to become the person God wants me to be. I am forever grateful.”