Summer KIDS Camp

Literacy and Character Building for Kids

Too many of our community's young children have been slipping through the cracks when it comes to literacy/reading skills. Each year, they fall a little further behind until failure in school becomes almost a forgone conclusion. 

Years ago, John 3:16 Mission started a Christ-centered reading program to help children in our community who are struggling readers and in danger of falling way behind. That program is called Summer KIDS Camp.

Each summer, up to 100 children get the opportunity to participate in this proven and effective program for grades K-4. The program is taught on site, four days a week over the course of eight weeks in June and July. The students are tested at the beginning and end of the program to measure improvement. 
How successful has Summer KIDS Camp been? Over the last 20 years, more than 2,000 children have benefited from it, becoming much improved readers at a critical stage of learning. The aggregate of testing over the last five years shows students improve, on average, by nearly as much as a full-grade in reading.
The program also is fun and incorporates recreation, field trips, inspiring speakers and visitors and creative arts. Afternoons include snacks and character building activities that include learning more about living a Christ-centered life.
The program is entirely privately funded by generous donors and local foundations and businesses who want to see children overcome their struggles and have a better shot at success.
When you give, please consider an annual donation to Summer KIDS Camp. It's an investment that pays out rich dividends in childrens' lives and in our community!
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About Summer KIDS Camp

The John 3:16 Mission Summer KIDS Camp (Read a Testimonial Story Here) is an accelerated summer literacy program for children grades K-4 who have had difficulty learning to read.  The program utilizes a highly successful curriculum which is phonics based, taught by direct instruction, and utilizes the creative process to engage a path to learning.  Summer KIDS Camp is eight weeks in duration and the program includes meals, snacks, and reward field trips to promote positive progress.
Our goals for the students are:
         1.  Rapid improvement in reading and spelling skills so each student may be able to
                  reach their respective grade level and beyond.
            2.  Corresponding improvement in reading comprehension.
            3.  Character development lessons to better equip each child with a sound moral and                         ethical foundation.