Recover from Homelessness: Are You Ready to Make the Journey?

Transform Your Life at John 3:16 Mission

 Are you done with life on the streets? Are you tired of the chaos, the uncertainty, the fear, the addictions? Do you dream of a better life and a safe harbor where your life can change forever? John 3:16 Mission has resources to help you.

If you are a homeless man or woman and/or struggling with addiction, trauma or other difficult issues and are ready to make changes to your life, John 3:16 Mission has residential (live-in) recovery programs for men and women that may be the right fit for you.
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About the Programs

The programs are free of charge, Christ-centered and use biblical therapeutic principles and professional counseling among other tools to help you overcome addictions as well as emotional, behavioral, spiritual and psychological problems.
The goal of our year-long programs is to transform "students" from people who are stuck in destructive addictions and lifestyles into people who are “new creations” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). That is why we call our men's program the New Creation recovery program.

The women's program, called Renew, is based on the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) to live a healthy, productive life in accord with Christian principles. In addition to the Renew recovery program for women, there is a daytime only program for homeless and at-risk women called Refresh. Click links to learn more!

The programs provide participants with in-depth support and instruction from professional counselors and pastors as well as from support staff and qualified volunteers. By the time a student completes the program, he or she will be clean and sober and ready to be employed (if applicable) and to live independently.


How To Start Your Recovery

   If you are admitted to a program, success depends largely on your commitment. We use a holistic approach that helps with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Again, the entire program uses a Christ-centered, discipleship-based approach.

   For those who are willing to make a serious, ongoing commitment to recovery, these programs have a good success rate. Those who complete the program will have a new life orientation and upon graduation will have housing and employment or be ready for both. You also will benefit from ongoing post-program support from John 3:16 Mission.

   For Men: If you would like more information about the New Creation recovery program, or would like to speak with an intake counselor, please come to John 3:16 Mission at 506 N. Cheyenne Ave. or call 918-587-1186. The Mission is located off North Denver Ave. across the street from the David L. Moss Correctional Facility (Tulsa Jail) and immediately adjacent to the IDL overpass.

  For Women: If you would like more information about the women's Renew recovery program, please call 918-587-8634 or email You may also visit the Mission at 575 N. 39 W. Ave. and speak to a staff member.
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